Thank You!/Newness

Wow! I really am going to make a better attempt at updating at least once a week! I love writing my blog. I love writing! I'm going to start writing a novel and I'm going to finish it! That's one new thing I'm doing. I've always been into creative writing.  Took classes and enjoyed them but I've never finished anything! I will make it my endeavor to finish a book!

So much has gone on! Weddings, pregnancies, craziness, life. I'm officially engaged! Exciting stuff I know! I'm going in a great direction. I may not have everything that I think I should have but again, if everything is working for my good, then I must be in the right place as I strive for perfection.  I can't focus on the don't haves, the No's, or the not yets!

You know that's a trick anyway.  If you can stay focusing on the bad, how can you get anything done? If you are worried about the bills, and why you haven't done A, B, or C, how can you give your all using the opportunities right in front of you. Yep, you guessed it! You can't! We have to be totally focused on what your destiny and call is.  Just like a woman in active labor, she has a focal point! She hones all her energy into that focal point and nothing else around her matters enough to stop her! She knows it's there. She can feel it's presence but she's worried about getting that baby out! THAT is the focus I am striving for! My dreams WILL come true!

Well gotta go start on this novel! I will post peaces of it for you as I continue!  I just want to say thank you for reading my blog. I know I don't have hundreds of followers but I do appreciate the 5 or so of you who read! I know some people read and don't comment so to you too, I say thank you and I love you!


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25champ said...

I can't wait 2 read snipets of ur novel. Congrats! on ur engagement that's big deal.