Kids Not/Coonery to the Nth Degree

Kids are way too cute.
But I just don’t want any right now lol.  Like I reaallllllly like my kid free life!  And O is loving it too! J  Kids are awesome.  Kids are a blessing.  And most importantly kids are forever!

It’s good that O isn’t ready for kids right now either.  Originally we were not on one accord.  He wanted to wait a year and I was like unt uh 5 years!  But now we are just going to wait until it feels right.  I know some people who are still waiting and have been married more than 5 years.  Don’t plan on waiting that long.  When you get into your 30’s it gets kind of risky but I’m not worried.  I’m trying NOT to have a baby but God has the last say so whenever that time comes for us to have kids, I’m sure it will be a blessed time.

It’s funny the path my life has taken.  I’m surrounded by kids!  Most of my friends have children and I love to babysit (an then give them back hehehehhe) and I work with kids!  Not directly but this week I met the cutest little girl.  She’s just so sweet.  She gives hugs.  She loooooves to give hugs!
We had a conversation today.  It was mostly her talking.  Here’s a little snippet.

“I want to be a lot when I grow up.”
“You do?  What do you want to be?”
“I want to be a doctor and a nurse.”
“A doctor and a nurse?  You can do either but if you’re a doctor you don’t have to be a nurse.”
“Umm hmm.  I want to be a doctor and a nurse and a pedeologist.”
“A pedeologist?”
“Oops.  I mean a pediatrician.”
“Wow.  You want to do a lot!”
“I’m not done.  I want to be a dancer and an actress, and a stunt devil and a judge and a police and ooh ooh I wanna go to college and be a scholarship person.”
“Okay I’m going to write it down.”
“You’re going to run out of paper.”
“You want to be that many things?”
“Uh huh!  I wanna be an artist and a judge.  And ooh, ooh I wanna be a painter and a chef and I wanna be in the record book and a musician!”
“Wow!  You want to do a lot.  I know that whatever you do you will give your all so it will be great!”

I wonder what this little girl will grow up to be.  I’m her new best friend and she instructed me to come visit her on my break lol.  See how kids take over your life!?

In other news…the Flanees gotta move.  Sunday as I walked out of my apartment, I almost walked into witnessing a drive by shooting.  Literally minutes before I left the house someone was shot and killed and another injured directly in front of my apartment building.  Like right in front.  Like I couldn’t leave. Smh.  It’s one thing for it to happen around the corner or down the street but RIGHT in front?  Like the body was in the car!  I didn’t look though.  My neighbors were all looking.  “He’s slumped over in the front.  You see eem?!”  Uh no! 

Anyway, we gotta move.  I can’t do ghetto to this degree.  It’s been hood fest the past 2 days.  The shooting happened on Sunday around 3:30pm.  I was able to leave at 4:00pm and was instructed that it would be a while before I could come back.  They had to lift up yellow freaking caution tape for me to get off my block!  So we get back after 10pm and the car involved in the shooting (the two men were sitting inside when someone rolled up) was JUST being towed away.  We get to our street and there are (no exaggeration) at LEAST 100 people out drinking, talking, being…regginish!  I was like ugh!  What the heck is this coonery and buffoonery?  If someone just got shot shouldn’t y’all be in the house hoping they don’t come back because they didn’t kill both people and I’m sure they are looking to try to finish the job.  And then I think, well they are paying their respects?  I guess.  Thank God it will be over in the morning...

So I come out the house Monday.  They have candles and a little memorial set up, chairs outside, people still outside!  Then I get home Monday evening and there’s (no exaggeration) at LEAST 150 people out drinking, talking, smoking, laughing, cars in the street….reggggggggin behavior!  No other way to describe it! 
So I come outside Tuesday and I see the chairs and the memorial but no people but suuuuuure enough when I get home on Tuesday night these people are outside again.  How long with the coonfest last?  That’s not how people act when people die!  You’re supposed to be in the house mourning.  Death should be solemn and respectful right?

Luckily there was street cleaning Wednesday so when I rolled out the driveway there were no chairs, candles, or E&J bottles set up as a memorial.  And when I got home Wednesday night it was pretty quiet.  I’ve never seen anything like that and I’m not comfortable at all!
I know when it’s time to go!

And ooh I’m going to through a house warming when I move so I can get gifts J hehehhehehe. Not just kidding.


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So... I had to look up "reggin" on google... LOOOOOLLLL