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My last few posts have been kind of heavy.  And there's more heavy news.  Big Daddy passed away.  Friday. It's sad.  Any time someone passes it is sad.  But I admire how the family is coming together, reminiscing, and planning the best going home celebration they can for Big Daddy.  Big Mama said, "It's his last ride!" And she isn't listening to anyone's "suggestions" lol.  She made that VERY clear!

Which brings me to my point for this blog.  Shut up!  lol.  Some people just need to learn when to be quiet.  I'm talking to myself too.  But more so the people who always give their "advice" when it's not asked.  It's SOOOOOOO annoying.  If I didn't ask for your advice then I don't think I want/needed any advice at the moment.  And then they kill me when they see you doing something different then what THEY suggested and get mad lol that you didn't do what they wanted you to do.  Everyone doesn't see stuff like you so get over yourself right!
Ok.  I've had this conversation with you all before lol.  I'm done.

Anyway, I'm learning so much in life right now!

1. I can't rush God.  He has the timing.  I need to be patient.
2. Just because you receive a word doesn't mean you will see the fruits immediately.  Okay, I knew this but it's hard to be patient sometimes.
3. I guess I'm strong? Smh.  I still wouldn't wish what I'm going through on an enemy but to be able to get through it has shown me that I am strong.  But I didn't think I was weak lol...
4. Daily I have to get over myself in order to please Him.  Daily Ii have to remind myself that this life isn't for me and as soon as I forget is when life gets hard!
5. Anything is possible.  Not just the stuff that we can make happen but God really CAN do everything.  You say it and you hear it but to see and believe is totally different and a blessing!  And it gives you a testimony and your testimony insights others!

I'm just excited about life.  So many things in store.  I will keep you all posted.

I have some great topics I want to discuss in the near future but Laptopesha BROKE! Smh.  So it's been so hard to church blogs out.  SMH R.I.P. Girl.

I will be back soon though. Vaca in a week so I'm sure I will get some writing done.  :) Amen!



Erika Fletcher said...


AtruHollywood said...

LOL I hardly read the blogs anymore but this LAPTOPESHA totally brought a smile to my face cuz it is SOOOOO YOU!!

25champ said...

Sorry about your lost...I just lost my brotha July 9th and like your family we are sticking 2gether.1 day at a time 1..I never question God I just fight to hold on to the things that I do have...the only way that you honor death is to live...ur post made me smile :)

Ms. Camile said...

Amen @ Erika.

@Ally i miss you. We need to hang!

@Champ I too am sorry for your loss. i TRY not to question God but it's in my inquisitive nature lol so I ask my questions but pray his will :)