But God

You can have the sweetest husband The best of friends Family that others envy But the fact remains Alone you entered and alone you will leave this world Yes, you'll have those to join you for parts along the way People may have an understanding but no one really knows No one can feel exactly what or how you feel No one can understand all the tears No person can fully take on the weight of your burdens So I turn to God because he loves me unconditionally When I say "man Lord," and just shake my head, he knows He knows the pain from each tear He knows the sadness and despair And he knows exactly when the trial will end So I will stay close, hold tight, and dig deep in him I have no choice if I want to live   He doesn't judge He doesn't ask me to be strong and get over it When I come to him I can be weak and vulnerable I don't have to act like I'm mean so others won't get close And he isn't ashamed of my tears because he already counts them and has them safely stored away He never counters my confessions of pain and strife with ones of his own He listens for how ever long I want to talk I feel selfish sometimes but when I try to keep it from him, It just bottles up inside anyway until I can't take it And he says, "Daughter, why didn't you come to me sooner?" He never turns me away! He never turns me away. And Lord for all of this, I thank you.

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