I'm Sorry! My Apology to the Pregnant Who've Gone Before Me

I've always been in complete wonder of the pregnant. Like ever since I was a child. I was fascinated. I'd go up to strangers and ask them if I could touch their bellies. How cool is it to have a human growing in your body? I remember I was so excited when my dad's friend had a baby. We went over there house to see just a few days after she'd given birth. I followed her upstairs and watched her put the baby to sleep. It was so exciting. And then I saw her belly. It was still big. I innocently asked, "You're having another baby already?" She gave me the look of death lol. I couldn't have been any more than 6 years old. How was I to know your stomach didn't just go down immediately like they show on TV? That's how they show it in movies!

My comment was insensitive. I'm sure she brushed it off as me being a silly kid. But my insensitivity didn't stop there. About 9 years ago, my youth pastor and choir director were having a baby! We were all too excited. And I remember asking her if she was having twins? I was over 16 at this point and still had no sense lol.

Well I've legend some things...

1. You never ask a woman if she's pregnant. She may just have a large belly.

2. You never ask a a pregnant woman if she's having twins. Ever!

3. You never touch a pregnant woman's belly without asking. I've seen women get caressed and fondled all in the name of baby touching. People talking to the belly and stuff. That's kinda weird if you don't ask first. Ugh lol

4. Don't tell a pregnant woman what she should be eating. She's guided by cravings, Thanks! Even if she KNOWS she shouldn't be eating salt, she wants the dang chip right now so leave her be! For your safety... please!

5. Help pregnant women! They need it.

I must apologize to all the pregnants I've known before me. I too thought, well you're about the 10 billionth woman to have a baby, and the plan is kinda laid out. Carry the kid, push it out, done! But it isn't that simple. Pregnancy is a fragile time. I'm learning that. My sympathy and hat goes off to every pregnant woman that ever felt misunderstood, alone, sad, and just unattended to and to each one who has experienced round ligament pain ( what the heck is THAT?! No one told me! That's a whooooooole 'nother blog!).

Pregnancy isn't a cake walk for everyone. Some people go through with no symptoms, and not discomfort but for SOME of us...whew! Hormones rage, I can't explain myself, and I'm left in utter frustration that I can't get my point across! I'm an exaggerated version of myself right now. I'm crazy! Lol. And I know it but can't help it. Is wearing off as I get further into the 2nd trimester thought. Thank God!

Not sure if I'll ever do this again. Let's just see how this whole thing goes. I'm excited but I'm willing to adopt the rest of my children. Heck, there's a child born each day that someone either doesn't want or doesn't have the ability to care for. And I want many children but not necessarily to come through this body so by adopting, the baby gets two awesome parents, and we get a beautiful bundle without all the hassle. Lol. Good deal!

And I, thankful that I've made it to four months. Pray with me that this baby comes on time, healthy, and through my who-ha. *cheesy smile*


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Reggie said...

I do know as a father that it's far better to give, than to receive.

Men would be totally stupid if we could get pregnant.....and more than trifling to be sure.