Before I Knew You: A Mother's Love

Dear My Little Sweet Baby,

Before I knew you, I already loved you. You don't know this or can't yet understand, but you saved mommy. I've always wanted to be a mommy but since 2009, I've suffered through some unfavorable things and I thought the possibility of bringing you forth was not a good choice. I'd decided to adopt when I learned of your presence. But I am so thankful to be carrying you within my womb. I'm overjoyed at the miracle God has done. You saved me. You've renewed my hope and recharged my faith, helping me to re-realize that God has everything under control.

The moment I found out about your presence, I knew that something had changed. Prayer had been answered. I didn't expect you until much later. I was going to adopt a few siblings for you and then try after my health was more suitable to the doctors liking. But God said your time is now! And I believe this time is perfect. And what you have done for me health wise, no doctor has been able to do within the last almost 4 years! So far I've been healthy! And I'm praying and believing that this will continue. You are my fresh beginning.

I will thank God for you daily. I love you more than words can express. And I will show you my gratitude through being the best parent I could ever be! Now, I know I will mess up because parents do, but believe me, we have an awesome support system around and I'm not afraid to ask for help, and they are not quiet people. They are very vocal and will shut me down, if I ever hurt you.

You are beginning a legacy. I already see your greatness. I won't even say all that you will do with your beautiful life but I can't wait to see how God uses the beautiful spirit that is you.

And you are already loved by so so many. You are the first Wallace, Flanagan, and Ware grandchild! Awwww, you are blessed...and spoiled...already! We await your arrival.

Love, your Mommy.